Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Thank You Mother Nature

I was born here so I may be a bit prejudice but I believe there is nothing as beautiful as Autumn in New England.  Autumn heralds the beginning of an amazing number of celebrations.  

The County Fair season is in full swing and as Farmers’ Markets are winding down, Craft Fairs are gearing up.

Halloween is followed by Thanksgiving and Chanukah, Christmas and New Years Eve are right around the corner. Of course there are many more holidays that we celebrate at Laurel Mountain Basket Co. Holidays like Bosses’ Day, Mothers – In – Law Day and Cabbage Night.

Cabbage Night, also known as Gate Night, Trick Night, Mischief Night Goose, Night, Devil’s Night or Devil’s Eve depending on where you live, is celebrated on October 30th.  On this night, mischief makers patrol their neighborhoods looking for gardens that have not been cleaned up.  They collect the over ripe vegetables and bombard the offending gardener’s house with the collected crop.

The trick is not to get caught or fall down while carrying an arm load of the over ripe ammo.

For the record, our vegetable garden is cleared and ready for Spring planting so we’re going to skip celebrating Cabbage Night again this year and go straight to Halloween.

We only have a couple of kids in our neighborhood so we don’t go big on the Trick or Treat thing or spooky decorations but this weekend we’ll be buying pumpkins, flowers and cabbage kale to decorate our front steps.

I also love to bring the colors of Autumn into our gift basket designs. The reds and rusts, yellow and oranges are so bright yet bring a certain warmth.  It may be the many holidays that come along during the season give us a feeling of hearth and home.

Whatever the reason, Autumn and the colors of Autumn are also loved by our clients.

Have an event or occasion coming up soon?  Let us design a gift basket with the colors of Autumn and you too will come to believe that there is nothing as beautiful as Autumn in New England.


P.S.  To see samples of designs we have created for our clients, check out laurelmtbasket.com and let us design one just for you.