Monday, February 12, 2018

Fouls and Felons

What do a baby horse and a home invasion have in common?

Answer:  They are just two of the reasons we make gift baskets

As I was going over the accounts to send to the accountant, I was reminded of the variety of projects we worked on over the years.  Most were for occasions you’d expect like the birth of a child, death in the family, birthday, get well and of course Christmas.  We’ve designed gift baskets for corporate events like annual board of directors’ meetings and regional sales meetings and with schools providing “final exam survival kits” for their students.

We’ve designed some very interesting gift baskets too.  There was the $600 gift basket that included gift certificates to several restaurants, movie houses and golf courses as well as some sexy lingerie.  I was given a list and a budget and went on a shopping spree.

We have a line of pet gift baskets and make a lot of baskets for dogs and cats.  We have even made some for small animals like ferrets and bunnies but the most unusual one was the welcome baby gift basket for a horse.  Not for the owner but for the horse herself.  Our inventory was low on “horse” gifts so this also required a fun shopping trip.  A straw cowboy hat became the “basket” and we filled it with things like a curry brush, shampoo and mane tamer and a package of carrot and apple cookies.  I don’t know what the horse thought but the owner loved it.

Not all baskets are for happy occasions.  In fact, sympathy baskets are a big part of our business.  The most emotionally difficult delivery I’ve made was to an elderly man who had just lost his youngest son.  When I arrived at his home he was sitting alone under an apple tree in his yard.  His wife and daughter-in-law were out taking care of one of the many things that need to be taken care of when planning a funeral.

I handed him the gift basket and offered my own condolences.  He placed the gift basket on a table and did something that made my heart break.  He hugged me and began to cry.  When he was finally able to compose himself I asked if he would like me to sit with him until his wife got home.  He said he was fine and I left.  I cried all the way home.

Oh, the home invasion.  An employee of one of our clients was the victim of a home invasion.  It was horrible!  Not only was their home broken into the occupants were beaten.  Our client wanted to show support and sympathy for what the employee and his family were going through.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why people send gift baskets and at Laurel Mountain Basket Company we take each one seriously.  We go the extra mile to make sure your gift says just what you want it to say.