Friday, May 13, 2016

Can't Get That Here

Dom Perigon, Russian Tea Cakes, Pistachio & Almond Croccante and Truffle Oil are just a few of the items you won't find in our gift baskets.

I don't think many of the folks I know would be watching the Sunday game munching on Russian Tea Cakes and drinking Dom. Most folks I know, and I bet those you know too, are more of the chip and dip types. Not that they wouldn't enjoy a nice hot and spicy mustard with their pepper jack cheese and a three pepper cracker with their summer sausage, but you get the idea.

Years ago my husband managed a large warehouse operation. During the Holiday Season he would receive gift baskets from vendors and clients.

The first thing we would do when we opened one of those gift baskets was divide the contents into two piles. One pile was for “Who eats this stuff?” and the other was for “This looks pretty good”. I'm not a big fan of glazed roasted figs or Kalamata olive spread but give me any kind of cookie or chocolate and I'm your friend for life. Another thing about the contents in those gift baskets, by the end of the season , we would have a third pile consisting of all of the Starbrite peppermints.

I realize that sending gifts at the Holidays was a smart way to do business and that a busy executive didn't have time to personally select a gift for everyone on their list. It made sense that they would contact a local company or go on line, choose something in their price range and be done with it. I think the saddest thing was that I knew the gift baskets we received weren't cheap as far as cost but they looked pretty ordinary as far as presentation. Those gift baskets were what got me started in the business. I knew I could do better.

At Laurel Mountain Basket Company we create every gift as if we were personally sending it to our best client or our best friend. We fill our baskets with gourmet treats we know they would like. Sure, we like to surprise your taste buds with treats like yogurt covered cranberries but mostly your find high quality “simpler” items like Brent & Sam chocolate chip cookies or Ghirardelli chocolates. We also know that our clients work hard for their money so we work just as hard to give them the most value for their dollar.

Shopping local is a big deal for us and we are always on the look-out for new vendors, We have a great time attending Farmers' Markets and Craft shows making new friends and taste testing new product.

If you're looking for a gift basket with champagne and caviar, we can recommend a couple of places but if you are in the market for some down to earth, really good gifts for your friends and family, we can help.

Check out our website for samples of our work and give us a call at 413-527-1243 and we'll be happy to put together a gift basket just for you. Remember, consultations are always free and we can work with any budget.

Bon appetite,


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